Sick but on annual leave? Can I swap between the two?

A client (thanks Christina) recently asked me whether an employee falling ill or being injured during annual leave can “swap out” the annual leave with sick leave. The obvious outcome would be the sick leave decreased and the annual leave extended.

The answer is NO! (At least in South Africa).

Section 20(9) of the Basic […]

Labour Legislation Alert: New Code on HIV/AIDS

Last month, on the 15 June 2012, the South African Minister of Labour issued a revised Code of Good Practice on HIV and AIDS and the World of Work in terms of the Employment Equity Act 55 of 1998: as published in GN 451 in Government Gazette 35435.

The preamble emphasises that the Code, in […]

Dismissed for R50! Fair?

A client recently dismissed an employee for dishonesty because the employee had gone to the on-site Deli and ordered from the cashier a large plate of chips, which he paid for. At the orders counter he asked for and received a large plate of chips but also a hamburger and a pie. He made no […]

Testimonial – Mentoring

I do a lot of mentoring/coaching in both business and personal arenas, but it was a real pleasure to receive the following. Perhaps I can assist you or your staff as well?

To whom it may concern,


Working in the corporate arena presents with many exciting opportunities, however the business environment […]