ConCourt Rules on Damages Arising from Demonstrations

The Constitutional Court has today (13th June 2012) ruled that the law aims to afford victims effective recourse where a gathering becomes destructive and results in injury, loss of property or life. Organisers are obliged to at all times to take reasonable steps to prevent all reasonably foreseeable conduct that causes damage and the reasonable […]

Can my employees openly discuss their salaries?

I often receive requests from companies regarding their desire to discipline employees because an employee discussed his or her salary with other employees or people outside the company. They are somewhat distraught when I tell them they have no right to discipline anyone under those circumstances, even if they have diligently made such a requirement […]

Brief on proposed section 198 of the LRA

Labour Relations Amendment Bill, 2012

The above Bill is before Parliament and may be further amended. The comments below are based on the Bill before such amendments, if any.

The Bill proposes amendments to section 198 of the Act dealing with temporary employment services (“TES”), commonly referred to as “labour brokers”,

The Bill also proposes […]

New Threshold for the Basic Conditions of Employment Act – Update July 2013

With effect from the 1st July 20123 there has been an amendment to the earnings threshold as contemplated in the Basic Conditions of Employment Act (“BCEA”).

The current threshold of R183,008 per annum rises to R193,805. Any employee whose remuneration is higher than R193,805 will not be entitled to certain provisions of the BCEA […]